Curly Keys Mission and About The Owner

Curly Keys, LLC is a handmade products brand that has all the trinkets to fit your vibe!  Curly Keys provides quality products that are cute, quality, and on trend.  The Curly Keys motto is "You Are The Magic!" we strive to embed a positive message into every trinket, skin cream, and hair product available.  In the beauty world, we are always searching for the magic product, magic brand, or magic pill. In reality, none of that exists.  The "Magic" we are all looking for lies within us.  You have the power to shape your reality.  Don't auction off that power and responsibility to anyone or anything else!  You Are The Magic BABY!


Honestly right now, we all want the same thing!  We want to be cute, expressive, and unique! 

About the Owner

Jessica began her natural hair journey 1 month before moving to Atlanta for her freshman year at Spelman College. August 2010 was transformative as it was the start of a new journey.  Surrounded by gorgeous, confident, and intelligent women of color, Jessica was initially intimidated as she struggled to embrace her new TWA (teeny- weeny afro after her BIG CHOP!).  It was not idea to begin her journey miles away from her home in VA and igornant to all natural hair practice and products.  Like most naturals in the early 2010's, YouTube became her sole source for information.  Jessica watched every YouTube video.  She learned ALOT about practices, products, and porosity.  She was constantly installing a set of twists, braids, or bantu knots.  Though every message seems to pull Jessica away from her own hair and on to the newest Holy Grail product, she learned the truth overtime.  This truth was that there was no perfect product, practice, or hair tool.  There's no good hair, just cared for and understood hair.  AND GUESS WHAT all of this had to do with one thing, her.  The Magic to this whole thing was to be found inside of her.  

After a while, the very scenario that created a feeling of worry and confusion, became a journey to discovery.  Jessica began her journey covering her crown with hats and scarfs and ended it with helping other naturals gain confidence in their God given crowns.  

Jessica did thrive at Spelman College finishing with her degree in Chemistry and used it to create something great!  Curly Keys combines her background in Chemistry with her personal growth experience.  Its not just about hair for her, it was the journey as a whole that created the great impact on her life.  Jessica gets questions about her hair all of the time like, "What products do you use?", "In what order do you use them?",  and "What tips do you have for naturals for healthy and growing hair?".  To Jessica the best answer is the Curly Keys Motto.  There is no Magic product, Magic routine, or Magic tools.  YOU ARE THE MAGIC!  It's been you all along!